"I don’t feel like a man - I still feel very much a boy." 


They have caught you before,
They will find you again
If you’re not fast enough,
If you don’t leave today.
They have tasted your pain
And enjoyed how it felt
In their mouths.
They are searching for you,
They have hunted you down
To your house.
It’s a terrible game,
It’s a wicked and frightening
They are coming for you.
If you want to survive -

I’m not fearless. I’m terrified. I’m always terrified.


We were hanging
Somewhere in between,
Adding sugar
To this late goodbye.
Turn the lights off.
We’ve already seen
Every clue for
Cheater’s alibi.

We decided
To remove ourselves
From this dragging
Of unneeded love.
Sorting out
And putting on the shelves
Every little flaw,
And touch, and sound.

Stay the night,
We’ll do it all again.
Scrolling scarves
And fighting over shirts.
Can we leave it
For another day?
Can we buy a week
Or maybe more?

In the end
We hold our hands and cry
Love is gone,
It’s time to say goodbye.

your grace is wasted in your face,

your boldness stands alone among the wreck.


I could stifle you
With my fingertips,
Squeeze the oxygen
From your useless lungs.
I could bury you
On backyard with me,
So that “You and I”
Could’ve turned to “Us”

I could lie beside,
Touch your hollow chest.
Leave before the dawn
Turns you into dust.
I could stifle you,
We would not be friends.
No more “You and I”.
Neverending “Us”.

oh, will we make it till the end?
 or will we die out there instead?

oh, will we make it till the end?

or will we die out there instead?